Law Offices of Megan D. Lankford

Law Offices of Megan D. Lankford

Law Offices of Megan D. LankfordLaw Offices of Megan D. LankfordLaw Offices of Megan D. Lankford

  • Estate Planning
  • Trust Administration
  • Probate
  • Conservatorship

About Us

We are committed to providing highly skilled and individualized estate planning, probate services, trust administration and conservatorship services, and special needs planning to guide our clients through the different stages of life.  

We represent individuals of all asset levels, and our goal is to give our clients peace of mind by crafting flexible, efficient, and cost-effective plans that address personal challenges, whether it be minimizing taxes, transferring wealth, preserving assets, or planning for the future of a child with special needs.  We are on the cutting edge of constantly evolving policies and laws, and we take pride in providing prompt, responsive, and respectful service.

Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to decide exactly who will benefit from your estate, and to what extent. Properly executed estate planning also ensures that your estate will not be minimized by fees or taxes imposed on the transfer of assets at death and that the loved ones you leave behind will not need to participate in long and drawn-out court proceedings.  We create comprehensive estate plans for individuals of all asset levels, which may range from a simple revocable living trusts, advance health care directives, powers of attorney, and wills to trusts to protect minors or complex planning techniques to assist blended families.


Probate is the process by which a decedent's estate is valued, beneficiaries are determined, a personal representative is appointed to handle the administration of the estate’s assets, and the estate is legally transferred to the determined beneficiaries. 

We will petition the court to begin probate proceedings, attend all court proceedings on your behalf, help you to manage creditors and debtors of the estate and comply with every rule, regulation, and deadline so that your probate proceeding will be finished quickly and correctly.

Trust Administration

 Trust administration refers to management of a trust according to the trust terms and for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the trust.

Many of the duties of a Trustee require a basic understanding of the laws relating to trusts and estates. A Trustee who makes decisions without the necessary legal and/or financial knowledge can make costly mistakes. As a  Trustee you have a legal duty to manage the trust according to its terms and the best way to do that is to ensure that you understand, and abide by, the laws governing trusts and Trustees. We can help you make the administration process smooth and relatively hassle free.


Sometimes, an illness, injury, or disability can make it difficult or impossible for someone to make decisions about his or her health care, money, living situation, or other personal matters. Examples may include:

  • Someone who is in a coma or has had a stroke.
  • Someone who is developmentally disabled.
  • Someone who has dementia.
  • Someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury. 

 Conservatorship is a legal concept whereby a court appoints a person to manage an incapacitated person or minor's financial and personal affairs. The conservator's duties can include overseeing finances, establishing and monitoring the physical care of the conservatee or ward, and managing living arrangements.